Virtual Commencement 2021 Cap Gown

Order Regalia

Purchasing Regalia

Graduating students should purchase their regalia from Herff Jones no later than four (4) weeks prior to their ceremony.

Purchase Timeline:

It is important that you check your regalia upon receipt and contact Herff Jones Customer Support with any concerns. They will need your confirmation number (Starting with CPA###). It may take them a few days to resolve any issues so please do this as soon as you receive your order.

How to Dress for Commencement

Graduating students should wear business casual, light attire under their cap and gown. Be prepared for walking on stage; there may be turf, stairs, or ramps throughout your degree recognition and stage crossing as well as standing for extended periods of time. It is highly recommended that you wear flat-soled shoes (avoid heels).

WCU graduates affiliated with an academic honor society may wear honors accessories (pins, cords, sashes) on their gowns. You may also wear up to one cord (honors, veterans, honor society, etc.) and items representing your heritage or culture.

Graduates are permitted to wear sashes or decorate their cap as long as the content is in good taste and aligns with the academic traditions of the ceremony. You may be asked to remove the decorations from your cap (or remove your cap altogether) if WCU personnel, at their sole discretion, deem the decorations inappropriate.

How to Wear your Mortarboard

Place the cap on your head with the point in the front. Mortarboards should be parallel to the ground so that the tassel can fall straight down the side of your face. Bobby pins are sometimes used to secure the cap in place.

What side do you wear your tassel?

Wear your tassel on the right side at the start of the ceremony. After the degree recognition the full class will move their tassels to the left side in unison. For those doctoral candidates wearing a tam, you can choose to wear your tassel on the left, signifying your previous degree or degrees.

Post-Graduate Hoods

Graduates receiving a Masterís or Doctoral degree will be hooded onstage. Unbutton your hood and wear it draped over your left arm as you walk on stage. If you would like to wear your hood ahead of time for pictures, here are some tips for how to wear it:
  1. Unfold your graduation hood with the colors facing outward and place over your head.
  2. Attach the hood cord to your shirt button, or use a pin to keep the hood properly secured and positioned.
  3. Have a family member or friend turn your colors out on the back, so they show.

Show us your Style

Now that you have all of the tools to rock your regalia, donít forget to tag us in your social posts so we can celebrate alongside each one of you!